Preparing for a successful event 101- Invite a friend you can beat!

We have always encouraged participants to invite a friend they can beat in order to feel better about their own mediocre performance.

If you can't invite a friend you can beat don't worry, Matt will be entering.

Matt gave up trying many years ago when he realized that the biggest cheers in the in the Kangaroobie Klassic were reserved for the battlers and the tail end of the field.

Last year Matt figured that the crowd was also cheering effort and improvement. This photo shows him pulling a ridiculous race face to gain crowd support. We all clapped!

This year Matt is intending to try to show improvement. We are intending to drill small holes in his kayak so you will probably still beat him.

Please note that no actual feelings were hurt in the publishing of this post.

Get your entries in and we'll see you all in 4 weeks.

Matt has difficulty beating an egg and this year we are considering drilling holes in his kayak

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