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The Road to the Klassic - Managing expectation 101

Been a while since your last PB? Spent too much time at the PuB? Haven't had a win since PuBerty?

Decades of lack of sporting success can mess with athlete motivation. A recent Institute think tank tackled the question: are we setting our goals too high and is this question really a statement and two questions camouflaged as a confusing joke?

Your next step on the road to the Kangaroobie Klassic 2019 should be setting a goal that is impossible not to achieve. Do something you have never done before and claim it as a PB!

PIS cordially encourages all aspiring Kangaroobie Klassic participants in joining us for a FDPB (Fancy Dress Personal Best) at the upcoming Trestle 10 event on 17th February 2019.

Overachiever? No problems, roll up to Timboon Parkrun in the weeks leading up to the Trestle 10, walk really slowly in Fancy Dress to establish a 5K FDPB then come back and smash it in the Distillery Dash on the 17th.

Chill the champagne your next PB is coming! Get your entries're welcome!

Fastest brown water swim in a pink cap mass PB attempt

Last year's mass pink cap in brown river 1000m swim PB attempt..............everyone wins!

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Klassic 23_edited.jpg

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