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Behind the Scenes

9 Days till Race Day

If in doubt follow pink tape out.

For many of you the next week leading up to Saturday March 18th 2017 will be one of tapering, eating right, staying hydrated and checking over your equipment to ensure that everything is running well and won't let you down on event day. You will probably sleep well this week!

If you are thinking of commencing your training this week. Think a taper is a generously snouted South American herbivore and are treating our trail run as a walk in the park, this post is for you!

Pictured are some of our hard working race committee members Sophie Bowker and Tracey Heeps marking the trail run course. Their brief was to find the nastiest most picturesque terrain possible to challenge participants and ensure they finish the event with a story to tell.

Trail run course markers advice:

1: Make sure that the compulsory First Aid Kit is well secured. If you are putting together a First Aid Kit in a zip lock bag (which is fine) you can simply shove it down your shorts. The jury is out on whether it is more comfortable to run with the kit tucked into the front or back of your shorts but the girls agree that shoving the kit down the front of your shorts is likely to produce a more aesthetic look for finishing chute photos.

2: When the going gets tough and there are no directional arrows look for the pictured pink tape.

3: Yes we expect you to crawl under those bushes,

4: Wearing a camel pack will allow you to carry hydration and your first aid kit and will prevent moments of indecision when you don't know whether to put the first aid kit down the front or back of your shorts.

5: Wear black socks

I have posted their photo just in case you want to thank them for their trail marking nastiness after the race

Please download and read the Race Day Schedule and Equipment Safety advice document and know that carrying a small First Aid Kit on the trail running and mountain bike legs is mandatory. A simple zip lock bag filled with the suggested first aid supplies is all that is required. Stuff it in a camel pack or down your shorts but please make sure you are carrying it on both the mountain bike and trail running legs!

Black socks

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